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Air Admittance Valve - 110 mm Prevents WC Pan & Trap Suction - Anti Syphon Grey

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Air Admittance Valve - 110 mm Prevents WC Pan & Trap Suction - Anti Syphon Grey

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Air Admittance Valve Or Anti Syphon Valve - For Allowing Air In But not Out of Soil Pipework
-Durable Quality PVC
-Fast fit with no tools required
The anti syphon valve when fitted allows air to pass into the soil stack / pipe but not out. This prevents the common problem of water being sucked from toilet pans and waste traps when waste is flushed away.
Other benefits include: no smells entering property, Waste is not held back due to suction effect, The one way valve prevents drain smells.
*Due to supplier stock changes unit supplied may In future differ slightly from item shown 
Use: Soil waste i.e Sewerage from toilets, kitchens etc or for soil stack vent pipework
This Large 110 mm model is usually used to correct problems from a Toilet or an entire drain branch with multiple Inlets like a WC & Basin. You can also Install a local 40 or 50 mm Valve to a Basin, Sink or near an appliance that uses 40 or 50 mm pipe work. See my Anti Syphon Valves Category to the left of this page or click my "Other items!
need a different angle or other 110, 32 0r 50 mm pipe product ? then check out my other items!
* For brown, below ground pipe fittings contact me for more info.
Sizes, angles quoted are for common descriptive purposes only and may not represent they actual dimension but rather the industries accepted slang description.

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